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There are over 55,000 alpacas in the USA with growing numbers in China, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Welcome to the website of Alpacas International, breeders and exporters of alpacas from Chile and Peru to the world. Alpacas International, a Hong Kong registered company, and its associated companies ABQ Alpacas S.A. in Chile and Glenmorar Alpacas in New Zealand, have been breeding and exporting alpacas since 1995.

Recent shipments have been made from the altiplano in Chile and Peru to the USA, South Africa, the UK, Switzerland, France, Holland,Norway, Australia, Finland and Germany.

In June 2004 a shipment of 130 alpacas was made from Peru to the UK via Switzerland in association with our UK representatives, Alpacas of Wessex. This shipmant has been completely sold are now in the UK and enjoying success at the major alpaca shows for their new owners in particular Mark Anderson and clients of Alpacas of Wessex.

New shipments from Chile ( ABQ Alpacas ) in 2007 have gone to the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden and France.

Premium alpaca herd sires - Peru

Mark Anderson and 4 of his new herd sires selected with Geoff from Rural Alianza in Peru.
ABQ USA has supplied sires in a shipment of herd sires from the US to New Zealand.

In 2005 ABQ managed a shipment of 18 alpacas from Peru to Australia and 16 huacayas and 2 suris for Glenmorar Alpacas N.Z.
This shipment was sold out very soon after exiting their post arrival quarantine in Australia. A male from this shipment sold to Cedar House Alpacas won Supreme Champion Alpaca at the 2006 Sydney Royal Show.

Shipments from both Chile and Peru have been predominantly huacayas, with a small number of suris.

White alpaca In Peru
White alpacas at Rural Alianza  Peru

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